Are Academic Writing Services Legal?

Writing is one of the most vital and significant skills or a tool that everyone should have to deliver their expressions and thoughts on to the piece of paper. In today's world speaking and writing skills are mandatory if one wants to prevail in this globalised world and especially for those people who wish to enter into the field. The need has increased the demand for writing in every sector that is whether in the field of business, education, medical etc. The demand for writing has led the educational institutions to focus on building the writing skills of an individual. Therefore educational institutions have added writing as one of the important modules for the students under which they train the learners in building up this skill by assigning a different kind of assignments, practice questions etc. This need has turned up and led to the startup of the business "Academic Writing Services", a kind of business that supports the learners by attempting their assignments in return of money. Multiple organisations are running on this aim and objective and are earning money out of this. Well, the question arises from here, that "Are Academic Writing Services Legal or not?”, “Are they spam?” “Are they killing the basic aim of the educational institutes?” etc. which has been the primary point of discussion in this article.

This article is based on the ongoing war about the academic writing services provided to the students or the learners. Different people hold different thoughts some think it is illegal and some are of the view that it is legal but beginning with the start to conclude. The analysis of the growing writing industry that has proved out to be an interesting and exciting collection of data. The United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia etc. are figured out to be the places where such kind of organisations are present providing services to the students, who to save their time spend money and are getting the readymade assignments at their desired time and their desired topic. According to the recent report of United Kingdom presented in 2018, approximately 70 percent of the students of different age groups mostly of 18 -30 takes help from these organisations to carry out their work assignments. The report identified that students that are opting help from these organisations are those who either have poor English and they know that they cannot pass their modules if they attempt by themselves. Or secondly, those students who do not have time to write such assignments or in short are lazy enough to do their work. A survey was conducted by the students to identify the factor that is letting the industry to boost, and the significant fact that was evaluated was that the students consider such kind of assignments a "pressure" from the professors and calls it out as an "unorthodox method". This reason has likely increased the demand of the academic writing industries. But the question remains the same "Are these legal? Are these companies licensed?" Well, many people believe that it is a complex issue for at the one side it is helping the students to pass their modules, but at the same time, it is killing the opportunity of building this skill in the learners which is the basic motive of the educational institutions. Many people called these agencies as "Cheating Machines" for the students submit their work done from these organisation in exchange of money.

But contrary to this, the owners of these organisations and academic writing agencies claim that they assist the students in doing their job and helps them passing their modules for they have professional writers who support the students by providing 0% percent plagiarised work. They also claim that they are not killing the motive of the students but helping the students to learn more with their assistance and saving them from the pressure burdened on the students by the educational institutions. The industry defends itself by illustrating their point of view as buying of the assignments is the apparent reaction of the students on the pressing issues specifically prevailing in the educational institutions and learning centres.

Many people believe that they are spam and are not legally licensed by any institution or from the educational institutions, so they should be banned. The survey and a series of interviews were conducted by the professional teachers and parents to view their point and thinking. The analysis of the study resulted out that most of the 45 percent believe that these organisations are illegal and should be banned for they are on the road to spoil the children and are destroying their abilities to grow and flourish. Whereas, 55 percent of people believe that they are legal and their work is perfectly fine. According to the basic fundamental law of business that to start any business, it is not necessary to be licensed, and these organisations are not cheating despite the fact they are following the basic rule of business that is providing services in exchange to the money which every company in the world supports. Multiple agencies have been established on this fundamental phenomenon or the principle and are earning a marvellous profit by targeting students and making money out of it.

This ongoing debate is a part of an “extreme analogy” that critically presents the arguments from both the parties, but morally and ethically it comes under the umbrella of lie to the educational institutions, lie to the parents of the student, a lie to the person itself. One cannot say that whether it is legal or illegal but yes it is unethical and is defined to be as against the rules and regulations of the educational system. These agencies are in short benefiting out from the need of the students and are destroying their lives by painting their money on the student's weaknesses by killing the primary aim of the educational institutions. The educational system and its policymakers are of the view and aims to build this necessary skill of writing inside the students, for this essential tool is the need and demand of every sector in the field. Therefore, it should be built in the students. But these agencies are shattering the aim of them and are creating lazy students by being as the barrier in their way of learning. Therefore, specific actions should be taken to stop such kind of activities and to limit the students for their betterment.

Hence, there is no single conclusion or endpoint to this debate for the lines seems to be a blur. In order to clear the cloud of confusion and to end this debate, it can be concluded with peace and can be finally stated that “Academic Writing services” are legal but are unethical and are destroying the lives of the students for their mean motive of cashing money and for the fulfilment of their selfish desires and some strict actions or rules should be formulated in order to save the future of the students for they are they are the future of the state.

Are Academic Writing Services Legal?

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