How to recognise scam academic writing services?

With the progression in the digital world, the students are opting for alternate ways to expand their learning. From school level to postgraduate level, the academic dynamics have been severely altered and challenging. Students have to struggle and invest most of their time to match the high standards of their institution. The renowned institutions of UK are considered as one of the most prestigious and challenging concerning their academic curriculum. The pass out student of these institutions tends to grab golden opportunities instantly in their professional career. However, students of such institution are trained and skilled in academic life to face any circumstances, challenges and tasks that may cross their path in a professional career.

The student enrolled in renowned institutions of UK are assigned with endless academic tasks. They have to follow multiple instructions and requirements of the supervisors for their given tasks. These tasks may include research papers, assignments, thesis, projects, dissertation and coursework. Because of the advancement in the professional field, the demands of the supervisors in the tasks have increased extensively. Therefore, a student has to develop critical, researching, analysing and interpretative skills to complete their job efficiently. But despite continuous efforts, they fail to acquire an A+ grade in their research work.

It is mainly because at any educational level; students have to perform multiple tasks within a semester. They have to continue their part-time job along with an academic degree at the same time, having a marital life works as a cherry on top. Managing multiple duties with utter perfection becomes impossible. Therefore, they have to rely on professional academic writing services to divide their workload.

Professional academic writing services pose great importance on majority of the student's life. They help students to provide genuine content for their academic tasks. The student may come up with any challenging topic for the dissertation, research work, thesis, coursework or projects. These scholarly writing services have a dynamic team of professionals working round the clock meeting up with the client’s requirements.

Hundreds of writing services have been reported of being operational throughout the world. However, the students looking for professional academic writing services have to face the threat of original and scam websites. Therefore, students should be prepared to identify and learn the gimmicks of such fraudulent website before placing an order with them.

Fraud Websites: Save yourself! Don’t become their next victim.

Fraudulent or scam websites are the one which ought to rob off the hefty amount of money from students without providing them work based on instructions. They may provide poor work quality or no work at all in return of what they have paid. These websites are created to attract customers from all around the world. These websites are mostly operated from third world countries to scam the customers and are easily noticeable with the language, payment or unprofessional functionality.

These channels of different websites is collectively known as "Essay mills" that generates the content for customers against few dollars. The ratio of the authentic website still cannot be determined or ranked; however there are few simple tricks to recognise the original and scam sites which every student should understand.

Effective Tips to Recognize Scam Academic Writing services:
  • Domain Names:
    Never entirely believe what you see with bare eyes. You may think of website being authentic having domain name Anyone can register and buy this domain within ten minutes. Hence never trust what you see at first rather investigate further.
  • Fake Images:
    Different site may display the images of UK flags or UK universities. Don't confuse yourself by trusting that these services are linked or located in the UK. These images can be taken from different copyright issue free websites offering free copies.
  • Outstanding Fake Reviews:
    Like the fake images you may also come across counterfeit reviews. These services create a phoney profile and register on new accounts of famous blogs or platforms to write the perfect review about the service. Having multiple excellent reviews for the same service without a single mistake will automatically ring your bells about the fakeness.
  • Promoting Relevant Websites:
    If you ever visit any blog or website, it may recommend multiple links to website or blogs of other services ranking them #1. It’s the same company creating multiple sites with different web addresses having same team working at the back end.
  • Landline Numbers:
    They may display UK based number which anyone can quickly get. However, then it may be redirected to any part of the world with the vast network of digital technologies.
Practical Tips to Avoid Scam Academic Writing services:
  • Genuine UK Company:
    Look for good academic writing service by making sure that the UK law bonds the company. The company can be sued in UK courts in case of any fraud.
  • Genuine UK Contact Number:
    Look for original UK companies that have UK numbers. Even though anyone can divert these number to any part of the world, you may get an idea about their authenticity by concentrating a bit on the ringtone style. Analyse the services by the odd or international ringtone style, accent of the speakers and asking the question to the representatives about local area by asking them where the company is based.
  • Guarantee in Writing:
    Ask the writing service to provide you with standard work quality in the first time or complete refund. According to the consumer protection law UK, you may get what you pay for! Therefore, you may ask them for correct work quality, free from plagiarism and good content guarantee.
  • Credentials checking at Company House:
    look for the genuine company by stating if the website is registered at the list of company house or not. Check whether the company names match with the company registration number. To ensure complete trust make sure the status of the service is not at "Dissolved" or "Pending Applications" on the list. Also inquire in-depth that the company is entitled to the UK legal Requirements.
  • UK Bank Account:
    To ensure your trust entirely on the genuineness of the company. Make sure that the company holds the UK bank account. Acquiring a UK bank account by a foreign company is not an easy task. Therefore, ask for complete details including account title, bank names and sort code. Verify the details from the bank if they are authentic. Never compromise on these details if the company denies to give you complete information.
  • Realistic Price Demand:
    A UK company has to spend a considerable amount on sales, taxes, advertising, utilities and premises. Also, a reliable and renowned service would hire professionals from renowned institutions that would work on higher salaries. Therefore, if a service is offering unbelievable prices as low as 30 pounds per paper then instantly get there is something fishing. The company is using ESL professionals rather than UK professionals. The sign of an authentic company is the realistic price demand from the students.
  • UK Press Coverage:
    look for the website that has been investigated by the UK press. In case, if the media has visited the company's outlet, then it will be guaranteed that it exists. Look for the company on newspapers or TV channels website to make sure that it is original. There might be genuine reviews as well if a reporter may have asked for any work and got precisely according to his requirement.
  • Analyse Website Carefully:
    Scrutinize the website, if the site is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes in the language or the flow of sentences is inaccurate. Then instantly get that a foreign company has designed the website. They are not native UK websites but operated from third world countries. If the site is full of appraisal about its services and has an extremely confident tone asking for advance payment then instantly get that everything about the company is fishy!

According to stats about 60% of academic writing services are fraud or scamming the students by providing bad quality research content. From the millions results appearing on any search engine, it is rare to find an authentic, reliable and honest academic writing services else most of them are scams. These services claim to have professionals to complete your educational task, however, provide you with the worst quality content that affects your grades negatively. They usually claims that they have well qualified professional but end up with incompetent writers. These scam academic writing services are the most prominent threat to millions of student that needs to be aware of these fraudulent.

But not all the academic writing services are playing with your money and grades. Some of them are genuine and offering great services to ease up the student’s burdens. They have professional that meet up the institution academic standards and requirements.

Hence! It is needed for students and professionals to identify the most reliable and trustworthy website for their research work because relying on fake services can lead you towards failure.

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